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Right, folks - Nicholston Farm has confirmed availability for the weekend we were looking at. This is a public post. If you would like to come on the trip, you need to comment here and let me know.

Trip Details
WHEN: Friday the 13th of July to Sunday the 15th of July.
WHERE: Nicholston Farm
WHO: Anyone can come along, we aren't that fussed.
HOW MUCH: Depends on your tent size and the number of people in it. We are going for 2 nights.
WHY: Because us cool kids would like to spend at least one weekend this summer chilling out on a beach, BBQing and generally relaxing without being IC and beating the crap out of each other with rubber weaponry.

How we're going to make this work with bookings: I am going to call Nicholston Farm and confirm the number of tents, their sizes, the number of people of the group and pay the non-refundable deposit on Monday the 30th of April. That gives you 11 days - and covers 2 weekends - to get the word out to anyone you'd like to. If folk can't confirm or miss this deadline, they are still welcome, but will have to contact the site on their own and handle the paperwork themselves.

If you would like to be in with the group, I will need to know:
-Who you are, and who is bunking with you and
-The size of your tent and the category it's fitting into and
-Whether you have any chargable extras.
(Also, if you're a friend of a friend and I don't know you myself, please can you clarify who you know us through.)

Comments on this post are preferred - I have enabled anonymous commenting, so if you don't have an LJ account, this shouldn't be a problem. Comments on the last post I'm not taking as written in stone until you've confirmed it on this post.

I won't ask for money off you until I've made the booking. I will keep an up-to-date list of those who have put their names down and confirmed on this post; as unfortunately deposits are non-refundable, if you have to pull out after I've booked on your behalf, you'll need to either still pay or find someone to take your place.

Current lists:
Confirmed As Attending:
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Indicated Interest, But Not Confirmed Yet
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If anyone would like to link this post on other blogs or social media sites, please feel free.


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