Jun. 26th, 2015


Jun. 26th, 2015 02:45 pm
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I'm up and down at the moment. My mood is odd, in a way that indicates I'm approaching socialization burn out, which is good in some ways, because after months of struggling with it, it's fantastically nice not to have the lonely feeling dogging you at all times, even after a couple of weeks where Doug has been out of the country a lot.

But in others, I'm so, so glad I'm taking tomorrow as me time. The flat is a tip, which always stresses me out, so getting that straight will be nice. I'd like to do some writing. I'd like to coo over my plants. I'd like to go on a bit of an adventure around town and see what new fun things I can unearth to drag Doug and/or Phil to when the opportunity arises. I will step foot in the car not once if I can bloody swing it.

Trying to follow doctors orders and avoid stress is being met with limited success. Blah. Talking about that here will only cause drama. As will realisations I've come to about the attitude of 'if I've done something wrong, tell me about it', which is causing me to rethink some things. Those are for the other blog I have where nothing and no one, Doug excluded, from irl has any links to it, but I've been posting here now for 12 years, almost, so it seems wrong not to at least mark it.

3 hours to go until I can escape and go hurt myself at the gym some more. Ho hum.


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